Managing Trustees of The Charitable Trust of Tsing Shan Monastery was established in May 2002 to manage the assets and affairs of Tsing Shan Monastery, propagate Buddhism, and actively promote charity activities in Tuen Mun. To that end, Managing Trustees worked out a non-profit-making funding scheme in 2005 to sponsor non-profit-making activities of relevant organizations and encourage communities to organize activities for the benefit of people living, working and studying in Tuen Mun, Yuen Long and Tin Shui Wai.

Under the funding scheme, Managing Trustees allocates HK$200,000 in two instalments every year. Managing Trustees prioritises activities fitting the year-specific themes and allocates funds based on factors such as whether the activities serve the themes set by Managing Trustees, and the contents, objectives, ideas and originality of the activities. The Trust also considers non-profit-making activities which, although not fitting the specific themes, are innovative and beneficial.


Application Procedure
Fill out the application form in duplicate, and submit them together with a copy of the registration document of the organization to the Secretariat of Managing Trustees in person or by post. For postage, the date of the postmark is taken as the date of application. Overdue applications will not be accepted. (Fax or e-mail application will not be accepted)
Please see Notes on Grants for details.

Form Download

1) Download Application Form
2) Download Activity Report Form

Please call 2441 6666 for details.