About the monastery
Tsing Shan Monastery primarily comprises three groups of buildings clustering at the east foothill of 583-meter-high Castle Peak in Tuen Mun. You can begin your pilgrimage in the monastery from the Pailou [Ceremonial Arch], passing the Shanmen [Mountain Gatehouse], Puti Saduo Dian [Bodhisattva and Kśitigarbha Hall], Hufa Dian [Hall for the Protection of the Law], Daxiong Baodian [Main Hall], Sushe [Dormitory], Gongde Tang [Hall of Merit], Ketang [Guest Hall], Shantang [Refectory], Buer Famen [Absolute Gate of the Law], Guanyin Ge [Avalokiteśvara (Goddess of Mercy) Pavilion] and Jushi Lin [Devotee’s Forest].