Welcome to the website of Tsing Shan Monastery (Castle Peak Monastery). I hope that this website will provide you with useful information so that you can understand us better.

Tsing Shan Monastery (Castle Peak Monastery) is one of the three oldest monasteries in Hong Kong. Since its inception in 2002, Managing Trustees has been promoting community charitable activities on a proactive basis in order to “Propagate Buddhism, and Promote Charity”. Up to now, we have held various Buddhist lectures and ceremonies, with very good response and support from the worshippers. We have also participated actively in community charitable activities, such as supporting Tuen Mun Hospital for holding Charity Walk for raising fund, and participating in Tuen Mun Walk for Millions, etc. More than that, in 2005, Managing Trustees set up the funding scheme for Tuen Mun non-profit-making activities to encourage relevant institutions to conduct activities for the benefit of the residents in Tuen Mun.

Tsing Shan Monastery (Castle Peak Monastery) will soon start extensive restoration works with the hope to restore its former glory and appearance. Managing Trustees will adhere to the commitment to the on-going development and improvement of our services for the community. It is hoped that a greater variety of services will be available for the society.

I would like to take this opportunity to extend my sincere thanks to people and institutions from all sectors for their unfailing support and efforts. Without them, no activity in Tsing Shan Monastery (Castle Peak Monastery) would have been possible. Thanks to their unselfish painstaking efforts, Tsing Shan Monastery (Castle Peak Monastery) has developed to what it is today.

Finally, your valued advice to help us formulate plans for future development is most welcome. Thank you.