Position in the Buddhism
Ranked first among the three ancient temples in Hong Kong, Tsing Shan Monastery (Castle Peak Monastery) had held the ordination ceremonies by turns with Ling Yun Monastery and Po Lin Monastery during 1925-1975; one third of the monks in Hong Kong at that time were ordained in Tsing Shan Monastery.

Tsing Shan Monastery (Castle Peak Monastery) held a Shuilu Fahui [Rite for the Deliverance of all Sentient Beings of Water and Land] in 1966. Shuilu Fahui is one of the most formal ceremonies in the Chinese Buddhist ceremonies, and is held mainly for blessing deliverance of the deceased in the Bardo. Large amounts of materials and monies are needed to accomplish such a rite within 7 days and nights, during which hundreds of Bhikkus are required to administer and assist the rite. Up to the present day, only five or six temples in Hong Kong have held the Shuilu Fahui, which indicates the important role of Tsing Shan Monastery (Castle Peak Monastery) in Buddhism and even in the social life in Hong Kong.